Christmas Event 2021 Recap

Happy New Year Everyone! Before we kick off 2022, let’s take a moment to look back at our final event of 2021, the Christmas Hide and Seek + Fishing Contest!

The Stream

Hide and Seek:

Starting out, some packs were issued to everyone before we jumped into the first activity, Hide and Seek. Let me tell you, hiding from seekers is no easy task. We kept the game to just Wizard City, although thanks to KingsIsle for also having the Free Membership for 12 Days of the Spiral, that meant we could travel any where we wanted to. From Greyrose’s tower to The Commons, Cyclopes Lane to Colossus Boulevard, the Grandfather Tree and more, travelers sought me out for mystery holiday mount rewards, and occasionally a few packs of their choice. One of my favorite moments was a fun moment where I was hiding in the Dye Shop, and after giving a somewhat poorly written on-the-spot limerick poem, it only took seconds for all the viewers in the stream to enter almost simultaneously.

The Fishing Contest:

After finishing off an hour of hide and seek games across Wizard City, we took back to The Commons to begin an intense 15-minute fishing contest that ended up lasting nearly an hour after all the competitive fun we were having. Wizards began casting their lures into the waters in search of the largest Yuletoy fish, a seasonal exclusive fish that only appears in the waters this time of year. Wizards left and right began catching the holiday fish, all sending in screenshots of their biggest catches to battle it out with the other competitors for a Permanent Chocolate Moose Mount. The timing for this contest also couldn’t have been any better, as KingsIsle had just activated the Zero-Energy Fishing Member Benefit, allowing for unlimited fishing! Which, also thanks to KI, meant everyone had membership, giving everyone access to an even more intense fishing competition!

After a near hour of fishing, the final countdown began, the lures were pulled back as the results were taken in. After a few moments of checking the many entries (the more the merrier) (haha merrier, get it? Merry Christmas! haha puns, maybe I will leave those to Vanessa Mythdust, the Queen of Puns) the top 5 were listed, and the winner was chosen. Congratulations to the top 5, and to the viewer known as DOT for winning the contest with a Yuletoy catch of 46.8!

  1. DOT: 46.8
  2. Evan Deathblade: 44.9
  3. Arthur Thundersword: 44.1
  4. Iridian Willowglen: 43.1
  5. Alura Dragontail: 42.9

Twitter Contest:

After the Fishing Contest finished, the event was nearing it’s end. In the spirit of the holidays, one final giveaway began on Twitter, the RT contest! Congrats to @ ktiebiz for winning a 5k crowns code!

The Event Wrap Up

As the fishing contest wrapped up, the event soon came to an end, and we prepared to move to Wizard Folio who began their holiday event soon after. While we weren’t able to host as many activities as we usually do, we are glad that we got to host a final event of the year and spend some time with the community. I’m glad I was able to stream this event and hang out with everyone, as always we thank everyone who was able to attend, and we hope you all enjoyed. We hope you had a safe and happy holiday season, and we are looking forward to more in 2022! Once again, Happy New Year Everyone! -WhiteTiger93