What this skill can do for your house

I’m looking forward to starting this castle magic series with you guys. In this first post, I’ll be going through how to make items their largest size using the magic timer and reflector. In decorating with castle magic, growing items is my personal most used skill. Growing your items to max size is a great way of making your house stand out and make items more noticeable. It’s also a great way to bring out the vibrant colors in the items and make your house fun to look at. The castle magic grow spell works with the following items: pets, mounts, house guests, decoration, furniture, wall hangings, and outdoor items. This is my favorite castle magic skill to use because I can make my Plushie pets giant, (and who doesn’t love that).

Here are a couple of examples of what growing items can do for your house:

For this skill the 2 items you’ll need is the magic timer and the magic reflector. These magical items can be bought in Regent’s Square, Marleybone. The vendors name is Babbage Basset, he is located right in front of the Royal Museum.

Here is a picture of the magic timer and the magic reflector.

More supplies you’ll need for this skill

You’ll need the 2 castle magic spells as shown below.

-Activate magic reflector

-Make larger

Beginning steps

Step 1: Place your magic timer near your magic reflector.

Step 2: Click on the magic timer and go into your magic timers option tab.

Step 3: In the magic timer options tab, set the when on timer ends to 1 second, and when the off timer ends to 0 seconds. Also, make sure that the following check boxes are checked: Magic timer starts on, as well as repeat.

Step 4: Insert the start magic reflector spell into the on timer spot.

Step 5: Using the button on the bottom right, select the magic reflector as your target item.

Step 6: Close out of the magic timer and select the magic reflector.

Step 7: The reflector can do 8 things at once, so you can grow 8 things per reflector. When inside the reflector, insert your castle magic grow spell and select the target item you’d like to use it on.

Step 8: Enjoy your new grown castle! Here are some examples i’ve done growing items in my castles.

Have fun decorating, wizards! Comment down below if you have any questions.