What better way to celebrate in April than with fuzzy bunnies! Hope everyone is ready for a bunch of bunny fun!

Stream will be at https://www.twitch.tv/ambermeow/

Event Schedule

1pm CST – Meet up in commons realm Seraph

1-2pm CST – Hide and seek, pet derby, and Easter bunny caroling

2-3pm CST – Find the Easter baskets, word search, and fishing contest

3-4pm CST – Housing games & screenshot contest

As usual the schedule is subject to change during the actual event, but don’t worry we will fit everything in!


So what fantastic prizes have we planned for this?

  1. Hide and seek has some awesome bunny mounts
  2. Finding the Easter baskets has a Bunny Bundle
  3. The Word Search has a Bunny Bundle
  4. The Fishing Contest has a Bunny Bundle
  5. The Screenshot contest has a bunny mount

As well as tons of other fun things, guess you’ll have to come to find out more!

Oh what is this Bunny Bundle you ask? Well its a special code thanks to Mathew Anderson, which contains the following

  1.  A Caerbannog rabbit mount
  2.  A treetop getaway house
  3.  A amaranthine staff
  4.  A bunny suit and
  5.  A bunny mallow pet

Major thanks to Mathew Anderson and KingIsle for providing the prizes

Also be sure to keep an eye on our discord for more fun activities in the future! https://discord.gg/skAU6A2