Have you ever found yourself playing the best game ever Wizard101 and after you logged on you just are bored? I get it, that happens to me all the time. I sometimes just wish I knew what to do, so I put together a list of the things people do in Wizard101.

1: Quest!

Questing may not be fun to some, and may be long and reparative, but some people haven’t even read the story line. If you haven’t read the Wizard101 story line I strongly encourage you to because it is a little interesting but it helps you understand the game much more. The best part about it too, you get a character leveled up too!


2: PvP

PvP is probably the highest liked thing to do in Wizard101. You can choose different strategies and make new strategies to defeat your opponents, and maybe rank up. One goal I have is to try and get on the leader boards. The one thing you need to remember about PvP is to be a good sport and spread kindness not hate.


3: Train pets

Oh the thing the people dread most, getting a fail at mega then you never want to train a pet again. Training a pet my not be fun but it can be exciting to get new talents then have a new pet!


4: Derby

I don’t do drperby much but the few times I have done derby, it has been fun. It is basically a race between pets and at the end you get to feed your pets snacks even! Also if you get a high enough rank you will be able to get items for arena tickets from the pavilion vendors.


5: Fishing

Fishing is the most peaceful yet exciting activity ever. One thing you can try to do is collect all the fish in the spiral. The hard thing about this though will be the epic and seasonal fish. Epic fish are the absolute hardest fish to catch and if you need some tips be sure to check my guide to catching epic fish. Seasonal fish aren’t that hard to catch they just are only available for a very limited amount of time. Also if you want to get items out of fishing you can try going for fishing chests in places like Avalon or Myth house because the fishing chests there drop very rare housing items. You gotta catch them all!


6: Monstrology

This is one activity that very few people actually do. This is really cool because you can collect animus from the coolest looking creatures and fight them in the monster dome or summon them in battle! How cool would it be to have Malistare the Undying helping you in battle! Make sure that you have enough Monstrology rank before you jump all the way to Darkmoor to collect animus.


7: Decorate houses

Have you seen the top rated houses on the housing tours leaderboards? I am like oh my gosh they are so cool! If you ever need inspiration just go to housing tours and look at the amazing creations other people have made. Remember you also can use monstrology housing guests. Again, how cool would it be to have Malistare the undying to walk around your house! That would be so awesome!


8: Collect badges

There are over 500 badges to collect in Wizard101! Try and collect the badges that are hardest to get, then if you have that badge under your name, you’ll look like a pro.


9: Garden

Gardening isn’t that hard and you can do it quick daily. Some people may say they don’t garden because they don’t need it, but they don’t know the ultimite benefits of gardening. When I harvest my couch potatoes every 4 or so days, I am half way to max gold. Say goodbye to farming for gold when you garden. If you want to get a bigger garden, make sure to harvest your garden every time double gardening is happening.


10: Farm for rare items

Don’t have a garden? Want rare housing items? Need better gear? All these needs can be resolved with farming! You can farm so many places to get all the stuff you want. All it takes is to just look up what you are wanting and see where to farm, and begin farming!


11: Collect rare Treasure Cards

Have any of you heard of the treasure card Lifebane? It’s super rare! There are tons of treasure cards you can farm the bazaar for or trade people for. There are wizards that say Elucidate is impossible to get now but I found two elucidate in the bazaar just last week! Don’t take all the rare TC though because I still collect them.


11: Make videos or Livestream

There are so many ways to make videos and/or livestream and it is really fun to do. If you do this though make sure you know how to do it and the be sure that the content is interesting and fun to watch.


12: Make a blog

So many Wizard101 blogs are out there and I mean look at what your reading right now, it’s a blog! All you have to do with a blog is write out what you think of things that are happening right now in Wizard101 and express your opinion about it.


13: Write a Story/Fan Fiction

This is one of my favorite things to do. It doesn’t even need to be that long of a story, you can just write a page or two with a quick story about your wizard’s adventures through the spiral.


14: Art

Art isn’t for everyone, and I am one of those people that art isn’t for. If you are good at art you should try drawing something from Wizard101. If you are good enough you could get commissioned by someone to make a drawing of their wizard, your artwork could be used by a famous YouTuber!


What do you do when bored in Wizard101?