Alphoi Hoard Pack

2018 has begun and Wizard101 is celebrating a little late with a new pack! The Alphoi Hoard Pack has all new stuff for your wizard to hoard including Khans disco gear, Disco Ball Relic Wand, light blades mount, the adorable Sani-bot pet, housing items galore, and so much more.


Gear and Wands

This pack may not have the absolute best gear but some of it has a few cool stats you might wanna check out.


Sani-Bot Pet

The adorable Sani-Bot pet is a great addition to any pet collection you may have, it even rubs it’s belly and pats his head at the same time! What a cute and talented pet.



Housing Items

For all the house decorators out there you will LOVE this pack! It has amazing housing items that are just the best! Also this pack comes with loads of new housing guests for your Wizard to use in your house! Here is what we have gotten from the pack so far.



What do you like about this new pack?

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