Aero Plains Bundle Overview

The new Aero Plains Bundle is now available for purchase! The bundle includes a variety of fun items which are:

  • Aero Village House
  • Blue Ox Mount (+ 40% Speed Boost)
  • Squirreligig Pet
  • Aero Plains Gear
  • Aerocannon
  • 1 Month of Membership or 5000 Crowns

Let’s take a closer look at each item individually.

Aero Village House

This house is amazingly big! It’s so big some say there should be a map just to navigate the inside of the house. There is a whopping 10 doors on the outside of the house not counting the patio doors! This house also took secret entrances to the next level, behind the waterfall is the first secret entrance and inside of that there is another secret entrance in the wall! Overall though it is really amazing. You also can get your daily rewards through one of the secret entrance tunnels! To find these daily rewards you will want to take a left when you teleport to the house, go past the small tower/house/door and through the rock is the secret entrance. When you through that secret entrance hug the left wall and you’ll find your self up the stairs to the daily rewards!

Blue Ox Mount

This mount is one of my favorite mounts just because of how adorable it is! All of its fur really makes you want to snuggle up with it. The mount gives 40% speed and no other stats.

Aero Plains Gear and Aerocannon

The Aero Plains gear, while not amazing, still has some great stats! The Aerocannon wand for your wizard has some great stats that will help your wizard in battle greatly, with higher level Aerocannon wands it comes with maycast Mana Burn!

Squirreligig Pet

This pet truly is, well, a flying squirrel! This squirrel spins its tale very fast so it can fly everywhere with your wizard. This storm pet comes with an Unstoppable pet card.

See this video for more details!

What is your favorite part of this new bundle?