Hi there, my amazing Spiral Decorators! Today I am going to begin discussing some advanced components of castle magic. The popularity of Wizard101’s decorating system has exploded over the years. In part, this is due to the possibilities presented by castle magic. Castle magic can be tricky to learn, but the effects it can bring to your wizard’s house are worth learning.  With castle magic, your wizard’s home can have small fixtures such as doors opening, or even entire factories and animations.  With a good understanding of castle magic, you are sure to impress even the spiral’s most tough housing critics. The possibilities are endless! In this article, I will be focusing on how to use wands in decorating.

– Examples –

1. How to remove the circular school symbol holder on a wand 

When you are in the process of decorating, it is important not to forget about wands. Wands are stylish accessories to your wizard’s outfit, but they can also be a nice detail in your wizard’s house.  Being able to remove the symbol behind the wand is a good skill to have when placing wands because it makes it look like a normal housing item.

Step 1: Buy supplies needed to remove the symbol on the wand (i.e. magic timer, magic reflector, 1 make item invisible spell, 1 make item visible spell). These can be bought from Babbage Basset in Reagent’s Square Marleybone near the Royal Museum.

Step 2: Place your magic timer near your magic reflector.

Step 3: In the magic timer options tab make sure to set it to 1 second on and 0 seconds off. You will also want to make sure the timer starts on checkbox is checked, whereas the repeat and show on-screen box will be unchecked. (the repeat checkbox is unchecked because we only need this effect to happen once). In the castle magic spell slot, put in the activate magic reflector spell. You will then need to select your magic reflector using the select target item option in the bottom right. Below is what your magic timer options tab should look like.

Step 4: In the magic reflector spot labeled “when activated do #1 cast spell” place the make target item invisible spell and select your wand as the target item. Next, in the #2 spot of the magic reflector place make the target item visible and select the wand. As a reminder, wands are wall hangings and will need to be placed on a wall. If you are decorating outside, a castle block wall item will work to hang the wand.

-Expert tip: With this castle magic setup, any spell put in the reflector will only happen once. This is useful in decorating because you can slightly adjust an item with castle magic. For example, you could make a housing item 25% larger by using the make item larger spell. In contrast, you could also make an item 25% smaller using the make smaller spell.

2. How to move the wand to a desired location

As of now, we are not able to move wands using the advanced decorating feature. However, I have found a simple solution that will allow you to move the wand to any location.

Step 1: Buy castle magic supplies (i.e. a magic timer and the castle magic spell called move item here).

Step 2: Move your magic timer to the desired location you want your wand to be. (Make sure to use absolute movement in advanced decorating to see the coordinates of the magic timer).

Step 3: Within the magic timer, place the move item here spell in the section named “when on timer ends.” Select the wand you are going to use as the target item. Make sure in the magic timer options section the timer starts on checkbox is checked whereas the others are unchecked as shown below.

Step 4: Watch where the wand goes when it moves to the timer. Move the timer accordingly until the wand is in the desired position.

3. How to get a wand to be in a horizontal position instead of vertical.

Placing a wand in a horizontal position can be handy for creative purposes. For example, in the clock I made, one of the wands is in a horizontal position. Another example that illustrates this skill is the knife cutting vegetables.

Step 1: Follow the second portion of this guide. You will also use a magic timer for this skill. However, instead of the castle magic spell “move item here,” use the castle magic spell “teleport to me.”

Video Resources: Here are a couple of videos by Housing Headquarters showing how a wand can be moved horizontally as well as a reminder on how to remove the symbol from the back of the wand.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much for tuning into this article!