A guide to pet snacks in Pirate101!

So, you want to train your pet in Pirate101 but have no good ways to get pet snacks? Well I’m here to fix that. I’ve looked at the best ways to get pet snacks, free and not free and I’m going to rank them for you (free and not free separated). So lets begin!


Best way: Companion tasks.

This is by far the best way out of all other ways but also the best free way to get pet snacks! Put as many companions as you feel comfortable on the pet task and watch the pet snacks roll in!

2. Worst way: Farm the Devilfish hallow spider.

While its the worst free way to get pet snacks its effective to a point. You should be in cool ranch when you start farming it. Its a simple and easy fight as well.

3. The middle way:

Buy pet snacks at the bazaar. The best time to do this is during holidays when there are presents in skull island. Its still good the rest of the year but it eats up gold pretty fast.


Best way:

Grizzly beast booster pack:

Cheap and a chance for companions. Its by far the best way to get pet snacks with money considering all the rewards. It also drops energy gear so you can train more pets!

Worst way, Mega Snack Pack:

To be fair, it provides mega snacks which are hard to come by in Pirate101 but its pretty pricey. Buy them during a sale if you must. But keep in mind companion tasks provide rank 7 snacks and there is not much of a difference between them and mega.

Medium way, Snack Pack:

Hear me out: Its only better because its cheaper. Spending money on snacks in Pirate101 in general is not a good idea. Its fine for grizzly pack but even then you should be wanting the companions not the snacks. Your best bet is companions and bazaar for snacks and thats about it.

Some tips for how to use your pet snacks and pets:

  1. Start out feeding your pets with a lower rank snack, in Pirate101 pets fail easier so don’t waste resources on them.
  2. There is no “perfect” pet. Its likely to never happen. Once you get what you need you are good, but feel free to keep trying.
  3. Lastly, train multiple pets at once and hatch a couple times from the same pets. This way you have back up pets if one fails.

With that I bid you farewell. And remember pets in Pirate are much harder than pets in Wizard so don’t be discouraged if it takes you a long time!