Contest Now Over – Thanks to all who entered!

Hello wizards! Who is up for a scavenger hunt! All items are in free to play areas. Some are time and view point sensitive, but none were taken with photomancy. How many can you find? You can email your entry to with the subject line “Scavenger Hunt.” Please also include your wizards name.

Each entry can receive up to 5 points based on description. 1 point for large area only “Commons”, 2 points if “Commons  library”, and 3 points if “Commons library, in back. 4. commons, back of library on the left bookshelf. 5 points commons, back of library left book shelf, second shelf from bottom of the skull’s left eye blah blah blah XD (If its obvious your guessing it won’t count.) Each picture is worth up to 5 points depending on how descriptive you are.

Entries as pictures are also accepted, if you do it this way make sure to draw an arrow to the exact item and take it from a similar angle. (Also make sure to attach all your pictures to the same email.)

Please number your entry. Ties are done by who submits their entry first. Contest ends when all prizes have been claimed or the 15th of July midnight CST.

Okay people, sorry if this wasn’t clear before but a few edits. Only one photo per item. you instance if you think an item is a building but you are not sure if it is inside or out you must pick one. Use the hints in the picture like the angles to find out which one each is. Resubmits are allowed but please not abuse them. Send all your pictures as one entry, its way to confusing otherwise. Thanks!


1st – 10k crowns

2nd – 10k crowns

3rd – 10k crowns

4th – 5k crowns

5th – 5k crowns

6th-10th – 1k crowns


1. Carpetuse

2. Kimberly Moonsong

3. Jeremy DragonSword

4. Esmee Stormweaver

5. Luke WinterSpear

6. Daniel GoldenBlade

7. Ellie Stargrove

8. Autumn

9. Valdus rose

10. Brian AngleGrove


So where were these things? Here’s some of the perfect entries!

1. Commons, At the headmaster office entrance right in front of the door, the two poles on the left.
2.Golem Tower/ Olde town, picture of Renee Wooften’s strap going around her waist. (pic taken from the back, left side)
3.Olde town, On the entrance to the bazaar(outside), the top part above crates to the right of the door, tower in the background.
4.Ravenwood, Right next to the Fire school, Top part of the bench.
5. Commons, Fairgrounds, on the big carousel in the middle, the rideable dragon’s lower half (belly and feet)
6. Commons, Fairgrounds too, at the entrance to the fairgrounds, the flowers right next to the wooden poles.
7. Shopping district, Jewel store, third jewel (triangle opal) display to the right of the door, right next to the jewel shelf.
8. Pet pavilion, Gobbler drop, Duke Blumpa’s hat (The npc on the stage)
9. Golem court, Black top spot on Annie shutterbug’s back (to the right)
10. Golem court, the back of Regina Flametalon’s right shoe and a bit of her pants.
11. Shopping district, Housing shop, on the left wall, Above the life plaque thingy, painting of a house with clouds.
12. Commons, Castle tours headquarters, Above the door, Last picture to the right. Right above angelica windspear. Picture of the craftable celestia house.
13. Ravenwood, Kelvin’s leaves, picture is taken from the back and shows Bartleby’s trunk under the leaves.
14. Ravenwood, Ice school, The icicles and the ice banner to the right right above the door,
15.Commons, Library, the roof window with sparkles coming from a flying book
16. Commons, Library, When you go upstairs, at the right you will see a fire school themed alleyway.
17.Commons, Headmaster’s office, Merle ambrose’s crystal ball in front of him with a distorted image of bartleby inside.
18. Commons, Fairgrounds again, At the back behind the carousel, blue tent with a sun pattern, right side.
19. Triton avenue, Near Blad raveneye and to the right of the Windmill, Coil-like electricity generator powering a huge antenna
20.Commons, Library, the small corner-fountain thing to the right (Infront of argleston, not the ones behind argleston)