Unicorn Festival

The title says it all, everything unicorn! Whats not to love? This whole event is unicorn themed. Unicorns, unicorns, oh and more unicorns! The event will start out like any normal event, people will gather in the commons (realm unicorn of course) at 1pm CST. After the start time the unicorn extravaganza will begin.


1:00pm : Event starts in commons realm unicorn – Dance party till start

1:30pm: Hedge maze surprise!

2:00pm: Train a pet unicorn to teen

2:30pm: Race teen unicorns in the pet derby!

3:00pm: Find that unicorn! (aka hide and seek)

3:30pm: Fishing for a unicorn (tag us on twitter with your biggest rainbow trout)

4:00pm: End of fishing (can pre-fish if you would like)

4:30pm: Unicorn Maze (just for fun, don’t worry i made it really easy so everyone can finish)

5:00pm: After party at house and group photo

Keep an eye on the Twitch chat for unicorn themed trivia!

Note this will be purely unicorn themed. Special thanks to KingsIsle for the prizes.

(the rainbow trout fishes are from the private fishing retreat)

This event will be streamed on Austin Star’s Twitch


Hosts Include:

Austin Stars, Sarah Skystrider, Emma Spiritcaller, Maddie, Kristen Wild, and Taylor Ashstone

Port Wizard Include:

Abigail Frostblossom

We hope to see you there!

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